Are you a big fan of the NBA series? Are you glad summer is almost over and the new edition of NBA gets released? In this blogpost, you will read all about the release of NBA 18 and about the all the great improvements in NBA 18.

When does NBA get released?

The first date in our agenda is August 11, 2017. This is the date you were able to play the free NBA 18 demo for the first time. The NBA 2k18 is the go-to game for many players. The release date of NBA 2k18 is on September the 19th. The release of the NBA live game was a few days earlier, to be exact four days earlier on September 15, 2017. You only have to wait one more night to be able to play NBA 2k18 tomorrow.

Improvements of NBA 18

There are a lot of new improvements in the NBA 18 game. We have made a list of the improvements you can find in the new edition of the NBA game. You can also find some new elements in the game. You can choose to play in different areas. You can choose to play in the league and become a NBA superstar. Playing from draft day to ring ceremony. But you also have the chance to play in the streets. You can play at the same iconic venues where both NBA and street legends hoop. It makes the game much more interesting. It is good to know your progress in the league and on the streets are connected.

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