Regular players have seen the pop-up that the new season will start October 17th. Fans also call this one the big “reset”. Your season score is reset and the game too. You will still be able to do everything you normally do during this reset, but you will lose a lot of things when it I done. In this article we inform you about the new season and reset in NBA Live Mobile by EA.

What is a NBA Live Mobile reset?

Once a year EA will reset the game. This will happen: Well your coins won’t make it to the next season of NBA LIVE Mobile. Also going away – all extra players and any other items in your inventory. In other words, your bench will be cleared (including sets).And finally all the progress you made in modes will be gone. This includes Fans, Seasons, User Level, etc.

What will happen in Season 2?

According to the official EA website NBA Live Mobile, the following things are new for the next season in the app:

  • A revamped lineup system, streamlining your experience
  • A brand-new way to improve your players and your team
  • Coaches and the introduction of team chemistry
  • Refined, more balanced gameplay
  • and more!

By reading this we are VERY excited for the next season and reset. We can’t wait to improve the chemistry and improve our players even more! The first season was a bit basic, but fun. The next season will be legendary!

Opening night 17 October

On opening night, October 17th, you’ll be able to log into the current version of NBA LIVE Mobile and play an 11-challenge event that highlights the teams with the best storylines heading into the new season. Each challenge will reward an NBA Tip-Off collectible that can be turned into sets that will reward a King of the Court pack that guarantees a 94+ OVR player. You can still score Season Tickets during this time. Even if you are new to the game, it can be good to gain some of them!

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