When looking for 2K18 or 2K17 MT or Virtual Currency (VC) stores, you will have plenty of choice. There are hundreds of websites that promise the best service and no-ban policy. They also promise a refund policy if you are not satisfied. Too bad that most of the companies are just pure scam. They will steal your money and you will get nothing in return. If you want to buy legit MT and VC for NBA2K18 or 2K17, you should use the shops we have listed below.

Our tests

In the past we have bought VC and MT for multiple versions of the game. We spend over 1000 dollar doing so, because we always want to be the best of the best. One of the admins is even a pro player, but can’t tell his name for obvious reasons. We came across a lot of bad websites and scammers. We got scammed more times than we can remember. There are however two websites that where the most reliable every time we bought MT and VC. They had excellent delivery times, good and competitive prices, wonderful 24/7 customer service and 100% refund policy.

MMOGA and Aoeah

Many of us that bought coins and MT before know the names of these two companies. They are good, reliable and every positive thing we have mentioned above. The delivery time is slightly better at Aoeah, but it is just by a few minutes most of the time. Prices are competitive at both so always compare them and use a discount code if possible. You will not be banned or scammed at either one of them. Good luck at buying and spending VC and MT in NBA 2K18! (or any other version of the game)

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